Privacy Statement

1. General

The collection, processing and storage of personal data is always done in compliance with the German data protection law and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Responsible in terms of the GDPR is the operator of this website:

Matthias Benkendorf
Hinterm Hainberg 26
57334 Bad Laasphe

phone: +49 (0)2754 212337
mail: contact [at]

2. Overview

An overview of the most important points:

  • When visiting this website, your IP address will be stored in log files of the web server for a maximum of 7 days.
  • Cookies are used exclusively to store some settings (language, last viewed area of ​​the map, etc.) for you, so you do not have to make these settings again at the next time you visit this website.
  • When using the Mapflare Tracker app, only your last transmitted location is stored, no motion profile is created.
  • All data is stored exclusively on servers in Germany and never shared with third parties.
  • There is no analysis or tracking of your usage behavior.

3. Log data

When visiting this website, some data of the HTTP request is automatically recorded and stored in the log files of the web server. This includes the current timestamp, the possibly previously accessed web page (referrer URL), the currently accessed page, your IP address, the used browser and operating system. This log data, without being assigned to your person, will only be used to anonymously record the number of visitors and to provide support in technical or security-related issues and will not be evaluated or linked to other data.

The basis for this is article 6 I lit. b DSGVO, as well as article 6 I lit. f DSGVO, for the purpose of ensuring the error-free provision of this website.

The IP addresses in the log files are stored for a maximum of 7 days.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are stored locally by the internet browser on the used device and transmitted back to the server on request. Cookies are used on this website exclusively to save some settings, so that you will find the same settings again at the next time you visit this website. This includes:

  • whether the cookie hint has already been confirmed
  • the last selected language
  • the last selected channel (messages, map, etc.)
  • the current position and the zoom level on the map
  • the current session ID

There are no tracking cookies set to analyze your behavior or to profile you.

5. Your rights

An informal e-mail to the address given above is sufficient to assert the following rights.

5.1 General

You have the right to obtain information about your stored personal data as well as their origin, recipient and purpose at any time. In addition, you have the right to demand correction, restriction or deletion of your stored personal data, unless there are legal requirements which speak against this.

5.2 Restriction

You have the right to request a limitation of the processing of your stored personal data. To ensure that such a restriction on the use of your data is taken into account at all times, this data will be recorded in a lock file.

5.3 Revocation

You have the right to revoke a previously granted consent to data processing at any time by sending a message with effect for the future.

5.4 Objection

You have the right to object to the future processing of your personal data.

5.5 Complaint

You have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, for example, with the respective state data protection officer.

5.6 Data transferability

You have the right to receive your personal data in a standard, structured and machine-readable format.

6. Storage Location

The data collected by visiting this website or using the Mapflare Tracker App is stored exclusively on servers in Germany.

7. Data transfer

There is no data transfer of personal data to third parties at any time.

8. TLS Encryption

This website uses SSL/TLS encryption to protect your data. As a result, all data exchanged between your device and the web server can not be read by third parties.

You can recognize an encrypted connection by the fact that the address line in your internet browser begins with https:// instead of http://. In addition, most browsers display a lock symbol in the address bar if the connection is encrypted.

9. Routine deletion

Personal data is collected and stored only for the period required to achieve the respective storage purpose or to fulfill given law requirements.

If the storage purpose is omitted or if a legally prescribed storage period expires, the concerned personal data is routinely blocked or deleted in accordance with the statutory provisions.

10. Automated decision-making

Automatic decision making or profiling is not used.

11. Mapflare Tracker App

11.1 Information collection

When using the Mapflare Tracker App, after your consent has been given and the location sharing was enabled by you, the following data is recorded in the selected interval on your smartphone and then sent through a SSL/TLS encrypted connection to a Mapflare server to store it under your current Tracker ID:

  • your current position (longitude and latitude)
  • your current height
  • the time at which the position was determined
  • the time interval at which the data is collected

When transferring this information to a Mapflare server, your public IP address may be stored in log files for a maximum of 7 days. This information is used only for troubleshooting and is not otherwise evaluated or even disclosed.

No other data will be collected, in particular no personal data such as names, contacts or telephone numbers which would make further conclusions on your identity possible.

The basis for the collection of this data is your previously obtained consent in accordance with article 6 I lit. a GDPR, as well as the execution of a contract according to Art. 6 I lit. b DSGVO, with the purpose of visualizing your current location on a map for those persons to whom you have provided your Tracker ID to track your location.

11.2 Information usage

The recorded position information is used exclusively to visualize your current location on a map. To view your position the knowledge of your current Tracker ID is required.

Note: Although it is very unlikely, it can not be completely ruled out that someone can find a valid and active Tracker ID trough brute force trial. If this happens this person will be able to see your last transmitted location on the map.

11.3 Information retention period

For each Tracker ID, only the last transmitted position is stored, there is no motion profile. A Tracker ID and its stored position will be automatically deleted after 48 hours of inactivity. The user also has the option to delete the currently stored position for his Tracker ID from the app main menu at any time (Main menu -> Delete last position).

Last updated: May 23, 2018